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Networking Contractors to Deliver Consumer Product Support

ServiceNetwork™ helps unify and simplify contract service for both Service Providers and Authorizers.

Holding a unique place in the world of reverse logistics software, ServiceNetwork™ provides a platform for OEMs, Third-party administrators (TPAs), and retailers who need a dependable network of depots and local stores that can support their consumer’s product repairs and returns. Our software can help ensure these authorizers can confidently route customer products to qualified service providers automatically updating warranty claims authorizations, returns merchandise authorizations (RMAs), as well as CRMs so that their customers and support teams are always aware of the status of their products.

In other words, major brands use ServiceNetwork™ to partner with repair and return service providers and to better manage provider workflows for best practices and efficiency. 

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Connectivity illustration
Connection illustration

For Authorizers

An application to onboard and manage a provider network, eligible products and services, parts and pricing, and view services in progress. Where ServiceNetwork™ is especially helpful is in streamlining the Authorizer’s network of Service Providers in the consumer’s local area.


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For Service Providers

A guided workflow defined by an Authorizer following best practices for receiving, servicing, and reporting back. With ServiceNetwork™, your 3PL software takes everything a step further and integrates what’s working with what the OEM is looking for out of their consumer’s experience.

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For Consumers

A brandable portal for consumers to request services, select locations, schedule appointments, and check service status. ServiceNetwork™ offers consumers more than convenience, it offers the visibility they’re used to when it comes to returns and repair claims. 

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Robust Service Platform

  • Consumer engagement and appointment scheduling
  • Service Provider network connection
  • Provider and location qualification
  • Technician guided workflows
  • Adjudication and resolution
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On-Demand Network

  • 3000+ Walk-in service centers and mail-in depots in North America
  • Coverage provided by both local and national brands
  • Providers are already on our platform and available for quick onboarding
  • Additional partners may be easily added through our provider portal or integrated through our Network Hub API
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Real-Time Data Connectivity

  • Get service status, details, and available locations
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send service requests
  • Send updates

3PL Software That Does More

Finding Service Providers in your consumer’s local sector can be difficult enough, but managing your relationship with them can be an even greater challenge. ServiceNetwork™ provides third-party logistics management solutions for the sake of your bottom line and the quality of the consumer’s experience. Start improving your process today with an online inquiry.